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Health and safety training comes in a variety of different forms with regards to the scope, depth and issues covered on the course. This is because training can be focused solely on a specific topic such as hazardous substances (COSHH) or fire safety for example, or it can be a general safety course which deals with a variety of different hazards and dangers which may be encountered by a worker.

One of the most prominent and renowned general safety courses, certainly in the UK, is the NEBOSH General Certificate. This qualification which is accredited by the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, and is often abbreviated to NEBOSH, provides a wealth of information on the most common risks that workers are likely to come across whilst they do whatever they normally do at work. Such hazards include the potential for manual handling injuries by lifting or moving heavy/awkward objects, dangerous substances which are likely to be present on even what would be considered lower risk places of work (cleaning products for example), fires which can occur in any place of work and have the potential to cause significant danger and destruction, electrical safety as there are unlikely to be many places of work which do not have electricity on site!, and many, many more.

For those in the United Kingdom, visit the website of health and safety training provider Associated Training for more information on the NEBOSH National General Certificate which focuses on UK health and safety law and legislation, and is definitely the qualification of choice for those looking to obtain a general safety certificate. Along with improving their competence in the workplace it can also significantly increase their prospects of landing a health and safety job as many prospective employers will require a NEBOSH General Certificate as a minimum requirement for potential job candidates and applicants.

The NEBOSH General Certificate also paves the way for progression to a Diploma level qualification as the information taught and contained on the General Certificate syllabus provides the platform for progression onto the NEBOSH Diploma, and is the reason whilst most reputable health and safety training providers will insist upon those desiring to enrol on a Diploma course to have already passed the NEBOSH General Certificate before taking their money from them.

Along with progressing to a higher level qualification like the Diploma, those passing the NEBOSH General Certificate can also take a conversion course within five years to bolt on the Fire or Construction Certificate without the need to repeat the common NGC1 unit again.

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